Progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpots are where the money is at! They grow and grow until someone wins them and some progressive jackpots can grow very a large. An example of this is that the jackpot for the popular online slot Megafortune was worth more than USD 20 000 000 at the time this article was written.

A progressive jackpots grows every time some one plays the game the jackpot is tied to. It keeps growing until someone wins the jackpot. Once someone wins the jackpot it is reset and starts growing again. The jackpots are usually seeded with an initial amount to make sure that the jackpot always is attractive to players. Some progressive jackpots reset at a certain amount such as 50k while other reset to a certain percentage of what the jackpot was before it was won.

How quickly a progressive jackpot grows varies from game to game depending on how popular the game is and how high percentage of the turnover that is added to the jackpot. Most jackpots will grow quicker and quicker the higher they get as more and more people get interested in playing in hope of winning big

It is important to remember that a part of the the money you gamble when playing a game with a progressive slot will be used to feed the jackpot. The return rate during everyday play will therefore be lower than what it is for games without a progressive jackpots.

Some progressive jackpots are tied to a single machine. This type of jackpot is rare in online casinos and is normally only seen in regular casinos.

Other progressive jackpots are feed by all the machines of that type. In some cases all the machines in one casino is tied together. In other cases all machines of that type are tied to one collective jackpot regardless of where they are located. Examples of this is Arabian nights and mega fortune where the jackpot can be won in any casino. All casinos also help feed the jackpot. This is one of the reasons why these jackpots are among the biggest to be found online.

Yet another type of progressive jackpots are feed by a number of different slot machines all belong to the same series. An example of this is the playtech Marvel jackpots that can be won on any playtech marvel slot. Since so many different slots help feed the jackpots they grow quickly.