Nepal casinos could be up and running soon

For the last couple of months, land-based casinos in Nepal were paralyzed by the passing of new legislation that denies them the right to operate. It was a major move from the authorities that took everyone by surprise, although some casino operators were more or less expecting some sort of retaliation. The measure came as a result of these establishments refusing to pay higher taxes and those who happen to travel to Nepal with the intention to gamble were disappointed.

Obviously, there is much more to do here that to play casino games, with the Himalaya Mountains providing a welcome distraction. Nevertheless those who ran a prosperous casino ring have some reasons to be happy after all, because it looks like their unrelenting lobby paid off. The Ministry of culture, tourism and civil aviation was the authority that outlawed or brick-and-mortar casinos, but it looks like the decision will be reversed.jackpothour

It is yet uncertain whether the legislators are going to lower the taxes to an amount that is considered to be reasonable by the casinos, or only slight changes will be made. One of the reasons for why the authorities changed their point of view has to do with the fact that the local casinos employ more than 10,000 people. Nepal is not such a big country after all and the impact of 10,000 employees being laid off is significant, which translated into additional pressure on the government.

The two parties involved are diligently working towards reaching an agreement and Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat says that in as little as one month, the casinos could be up and running once again. They’re expected to pay their share of taxes, although the amount will be significantly lower than the ceiling the authorities tried to einforce a couple of weeks ago. What is known, is that the fees on electronic gaming will be reduced by 25% or more, and the same will go for royalty fees.

It is very unlikely for the casino industry to turn down this offer, because even though it doesn’t meet all their expectations, it is still better than maintaining the status quo. Right now, everyone is losing money as a result of land-based casinos being shot down in Nepal and it is in everyone’s interest to make the adjustments as they go.

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