The highest possible win in different games is often referred to as the jackpot. Most modern slot machines have a jackpot.

A fixed jackpot is a jackpot that always is worth the same amount of credits every time someone wins it. It does not matter if it was 5 seconds or 50 years since the last time someone won the jackpot. If a fixed jackpot is 4000 coins than 4000 coins will always be the value of the jackpot.

The value of a fixed jackpot is often fixed to a certain amount of coins or credits. This is especially true when you play online and when you play video slots or video poker in a casino. What this means is that the jackpot might be worth 4000 coins. How much that is in money will however depend on the value of each coin in the machine you are playing on. A 4000 coin jackpot can as an example be worth USD40 on a machine with a 1c coin value while the same jackpot is worth USD4000 on a dollar machine. In both cases you won the jackpot but the jackpot is worth a lot more in the more expensive machine.

It might seem a lot more attractive to win 4000 than 40 but it is important to remember that the return on investment is the same regardless of which of the two machines you play on. The one dollar machine will not pay the jackpot winner a higher return than the 1c machine will. When playing offline it is however important to remember that machines of different denominations often have different return rates making it more likely that you win the jackpot or other prizes when you play on a machine with a higher coin value. This is due to the fact that the casino needs to get a good return on the floor space the machines occupies. A higher coin value means a higher turn over and that the machine can give a good return for the casino with a higher pay back ratio than what is required with a machine with a lower coin value. There might be as much as 10% difference in the return rate between machines with different coin value.

Online casinos usually have the same return rate on all machines of the same type regardless of coin value since everything is virtual and machines do not take up precious floor space.